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My Journey

My Journey…Where do I begin? My journey has led me to you and you to me. Health, well-being, consciousness, optimism and the joy and appreciation of Life has always been a pillar in my life. Growing up I was exposed to natural hair ingredients, conscious eating habits and well-being. My mother would mix oils, eggs, etc. into my hair before washing. So I continued that into my teenage years and through adulthood.

My journey took me on a path of much unknown sickness for years. Through a series of events I was diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune disease. My whole world changed as I was now on journey of understanding, acceptance and tolerance. I started seeking more information (much research) and alternative medicines.

I noticed that my hair was starting to be affected also, so I started to again do research on hair and skin and what I could do. Beefing up my treatment regimen, being dark skinned with bra length hair people would often ask if my hair was real.  I would tell them yes and they wanted to know my secret. I would let them know that it is stuff I make. People would then ask how they could get some. I started making my treatment for others since I was asked so frequently and it was a hit. The only problem at that time was that you had to keep it in the fridge. My clients started asking for more, shampoo’s etc. But I told them I do not do that.

Then as chances would have it the shampoo and conditioner that I have been using religiously had a formulation change.  It did not have the same properties, it did not work the same. So I located the number for the Corporate Head office and I started to inquire why.  Basically they told me it has changed for the better and that they were not going to produce the original version anymore. Now, when you like something that works really well you want to find and replace it with the same or something better. I was having a very hard time, and my hair was suffering.

So, my journey of seeking and investigating shampoos and conditioners went into a different mode.  Books, Chemists, Manufactures, trial, errors, research and four years later.  En’tyce Your Beauty – Naturally was born.

Why Naturally? Because as women living and surviving with Lupus I understood the importance of eliminating carcinogenics, chemicals, and bad things going in and on my body. So, I wanted to share what I have been exposed to and why others should know the same. (What people do with that information is up to them) I make sure that I put some of this knowledge in our brochure.

So now, I was even more conscious about the foods I consume, the products that go on my body and the products that go on my hair.

It is is life or death for me!!

So, when you use En’tyce Your Beauty – Naturally products you can be 150% sure that you are getting only the very best of natural and organic ingredients. No shortcuts or compromise here!

A product that speaks for itself!!  Use it, Live it, Love it.

What I have also done is incorporate me into the site. As a mother, wife, singer, songwriter, cook, baker, health and non-hybrid foodie I am going to bring these elements of me to you.  I not only want you to have healthy hair.  I want you to have a healthier lifestyle from hair care to foods.  I want to give you the opportunity to share my love of music including my song I wrote when my children were young about my experience with having Lupus. I want to give you a place to learn something you may not have known before.

Come with me, let your Journey begin, I invite you to my world!!

Much Blessings...Enjoy!!

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Proof is in the pudding

Entyce Afro Curls is my favourite hair product so far. I like to call it hair food :-). This hair remedy of pudding-like consistency is something between gel and paste. It defines curls, moisturizes (essentially ‘feeds with natural ingredients) leaving hair looking healthy and enriched. Anyone with curly, frizzy or dense hair looking for a reasonably priced wonder product should give this a try. I usually order 3 at a time and that lasts for months. It usually ships within 10 days so be sure to order more when you are down to one. This product rocks.

Very moisturizing

A little goes a long way !
Very moisturizing
I needed it for my dry scalp , during the colder weather , and it is helping. Very good customer service too :)

Seems to be working

The balm melts when you touch it which makes it easy to apply and the texture allows the product to stay exactly where you put it. Because of the rich, nourishing oils, the product stays on the scalp for days (until you wash it out) which means you get a lot out of each application. I thought the jar was small, but a little goes a long way.

The ingredient list is impressive!

The scent is quite spicy but it helps with dryness and scalp itching so it doesn’t bother me. I’ve already noticed that my hair appears a bit fuller in areas of concern.

I’ve been looking for a product with DHT blockers and this one seems to be working. I hope it continues to do so.

Cream works well. It leave the skin soft, bright and feeling moisturized. Time will tell the efficacy of the cream with regards to wrinkles and lines. I like the fact that it is all natural.


I like the fact that it works when face is slightly damp.My face can take quite a while to dry.

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