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Take Care of Your Skin This Summer With En’tyce Your Beauty - Naturally

Take Care of Your Skin This Summer With En’tyce Your Beauty - Naturally

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Hurray for summer!

With the Covid-19 restrictions easing up, there are more and more opportunities to spend time outside.  Do you know how to take care of your skin during the summer months? Or do you think it’s time to start looking at how you can take care of your skin during the summer months? 


Your skin, which is the largest organ on your body, can get damaged when left untreated with no way of retaining moisture for a few weeks, let alone an entire summer . It is very important to treat your skin with the utmost care.


If you have a regular skin care routine, you don’t want the sun to take back all the progress you make by not keeping it up.

Everyone’s skin is different. Your skin may tend to dry up and get “ashy”. For, dry skin, we recommend Pure Cocoa Butter Cream (Organic Skin Care):  

Simply apply EYBN Pure Cocoa Butter Cream sparingly to skin, preferably when skin is damp. The cream is mild enough to use on the face and body. 

Our Pure Cocoa Butter Cream is a rich, hydrating, and intense cream that penetrates the skin, adds nourishment, as well as moisturizes and softens the skin. 

Some of the key ingredients are Tamanu oil, rosehip, plantain leaf, and pure, unrefined cocoa-butter.


Pure Cocoa Butter: High in fatty acids and hydrates the skin deeply. It contains oleic, palmitic, and stearic acids, all of which will nourish your skin.


Tamamu Oil: Containing powerful bactericide and fungicide agents makes it a powerful healer for burns, cuts, eczema, dry or scaly skin.


Rosehip: This natural herb contains high levels of Vitamin C, which helps to combat free radicals.


Plantain Leaf:  Reduces inflammation and regeneration of healthy skin cells too


Additionally, we want to remind you to take a healthy & holistic approach to skin care which involves staying hydrated, eating right, sleeping enough, and managing your stresses and incorporating self care.


We know life takes over and these have been very unprecedented times. However, this summer try your best not to stress.  Be mindful and enjoy a nice walk, bike ride, hiking, water activities or even a stroll with family and friends or just by yourself.    


Experience our nourishing and plant based + herb infused Pure Cocoa Butter Cream for yourself or as a gift. Two sizes for your convenience 4oz and 8 oz.  Get your today.  We'll make it easy and stress free to link directly to the our website.  


We're here for your natural plant-based + herb infused skin care needs! 

Just click the link down below!


Purchase Pure Cocoa Butter Cream (Organic Skin Care)

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