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African Black Soap </br> Best Black Soap for Skin Nourishment - En'tyce Your Beauty
African Black Soap </br> Best Black Soap for Skin Nourishment - En'tyce Your Beauty
African Black Soap </br> Best Black Soap for Skin Nourishment - En'tyce Your Beauty
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African Black Soap Best Black Soap for Skin Nourishment

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Your skin needs natural skincare. Try En’tyce African Black Soap for healthy, beautiful glowing skin. African Black Soap aka Black Soap is made from plantain skin (plant-based). It is a natural source of Vitamins A & E and iron. African Black Soap is an ancient recipe centuries old, which has numerous benefits & has no perfumes. It can be used by anyone who wishes to improve the quality of their skin. For your convenience and weight, we press into round bars.

Wet your face/skin with warm water or steam to open your pores. Work up a good lather by rubbing soap between both hands also use a face cloth and applying it on your face/skin. Using your fingertips in facecloth, massage the soap all over your face in soft circular motion removing any dirt and oil. For skin rub soapy cloth all over the body. Rinse your face and neck with clear, tepid water to cool water (to close the pores). Rinse your body with warm water. 
Pat your face/body dry with a clean and soft, absorbent towel. Make sure you pat dry gently. Always treating your face and neck with respect.
Plantain, Coconut Oil, Raw Shea Butter, Cocoa Pod Ash, Palm Kernel, Distilled Water

Customer Reviews

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F. Thomas
Black Soap

This the best black soap bar none that I have tried and trust me I have tried a lot. Have had to throw them out. Have to ensure that I have stockpiles of this soap; cannot be without it. Highly recommend. My skin was going through some reaction to another product and within days it is nice and smooth. Thanks Debbie. Lifetime customer.

Latoya Pantlitz
Amazing results

The black soap is absolutely amazing. I started to see results from the first time I used it to wash my face. I will definitely order again.


Feels great on my skin

★ Reviews

Let customers speak for us

63 reviews
The best

When I have this in my hair it’s really no competition. Wherever I am I get compliments. The hydration and softness it gives to my hair is unparalleled. One of my favourite care products I will continue to buy as long as their top quality is maintained!

Magic in a bottle!!!

I always purchase this hair serum because it’s an amazing product! Both my daughter and I use it because it’s made with natural/nourishing ingredients that we love.
This time I received an added bonus with my purchase. I called to enquire about my delivery and I had a great conversation with a woman (I assume the owner of the company) and she was so pleasant and easy to speak with. We spoke for 10 minutes and I felt like I’ve known her for years! She has such a positive vibe about her and it was a pleasure speaking with her.

Always love these products

I always enjoy using these products, because my hair really benefits from them. They smells great. They’re easy to use. I never complained about the price, because I know I’m getting quality products. The only one problem I encountered was the last delivery was a bit too late. It was after 9pm and my mom, was already in bed, so the doorbell woke her up. The house has an in closed porch, so it could have just left on the couch. 🙃

Proof is in the pudding

Entyce Afro Curls is my favourite hair product so far. I like to call it hair food :-). This hair remedy of pudding-like consistency is something between gel and paste. It defines curls, moisturizes (essentially ‘feeds with natural ingredients) leaving hair looking healthy and enriched. Anyone with curly, frizzy or dense hair looking for a reasonably priced wonder product should give this a try. I usually order 3 at a time and that lasts for months. It usually ships within 10 days so be sure to order more when you are down to one. This product rocks.

Very moisturizing

A little goes a long way !
Very moisturizing
I needed it for my dry scalp , during the colder weather , and it is helping. Very good customer service too :)

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