What's Your Hair Type?…

Type 1: Straight Hair
Type 2: Wavy Hair
Type 3: Curly Hair
Type 4: Kinky Hair

Beautiful Black Hair starts by knowing what  Type of hair you have.  We have provided a guide for you to use

This is a guide, remember you or people you know may have a combination of hair types on their head.  We are all created differently and our uniquely hair often reflects.

Now we carry Shampoo and Conditioner for all hair types.  Yes, for Type 1 and 2 hair too.  For example, my hair Type is 4C and no matter what anyone or any products  says I cannot get curls like a Type 3 without chemically altering my hair. 

Once you understand your hair type you will be able to then understand your curl patterns and what type of style you can achieve form your hair.  Now don’t get me wrong you can perm, texturize, weave or glue to achieve various looks.  But know what limitation your hair has is the first step to understanding and accepting you!!

We have a great Recommended Product Guide that will help you Customize Your Solution for how you style your hair. 

Should you have any questions about your customized Solution please call us at 416-821-0041 or email us at entyceyourbeautyproducts@gmail.com.  Enjoy!!

~ Blessings...