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Deep Penetrating Hydrating Repair Treatment </br> Best for Dry Hair Treatment - En'tyce Your Beauty
Deep Penetrating Hydrating Repair Treatment </br> Best for Dry Hair Treatment - En'tyce Your Beauty
Deep Penetrating Hydrating Repair Treatment </br> Best for Dry Hair Treatment - En'tyce Your Beauty
Deep Penetrating Hydrating Repair Treatment </br> Best for Dry Hair Treatment - En'tyce Your Beauty
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Deep Penetrating Hydrating Repair Treatment
Best for Dry Hair Treatment

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Deep Penetrating Hydrating Repair Treatment is the best hair mask for damaged hair. Start with our En’tyce Deep Penetrating Hydrating Repair Treatment is a potent hair mask.  A creamy triple strength concentrated blend of ingredients such as raw Ghanaian Shea Butter, Proteins (which strengthens the hair) botanical extracts, moisturizers, sulfur and rich in Essential Oils. It helps to increase tensile strength. We do not use any Mineral Oils in our products. The beauty of this rich product is that it is applied to the hair prior to washing. That’s right. This allows it to deeply penetrate into the shaft of the hair before you wash. Leave on for approx. 40 minutes (best used in conjunction with a steaming/heating cap). Leaving your hair not only feeling but being soft, moisturized and manageable from root to tip. Recommended to treat problems of hair breakage, brittle and dry hair, chemical & thermal abuse, transition stage or any abused hair.


If hair length warrants it section hair in four (as you would to prepare for a perm). Lightly twist each section. Then section the quarter, applying En'tyce Deep Penetrating Hydrating Repair Treatment (a perm brush works well). Lightly twist section after application and secure with a bobby pin. Moving onto the next section repeating the above-mentioned steps until all four sections are done. Cover head with a plastic cap. Leave on until ready to rinse out apply heat at that time. Apply heat via heating cap or dome dryer for a 45-60 minutes. (IF COMBING OUT BEFORE RINSING - SPRITZ WARM WATER FROM A WATER BOTTLE TO DO SO). Rinse with warm water once all the En'tyce Deep Penetrating Hydrating Repair Treatment is rinsed out proceed with En'tyce Rejuvenating Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. Enjoy!!


Herbal Infused Water, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Cetyl Alcohol (this is used to soften the hair-not actual alcohol), Glycerin, 100% Pure Raw Unrefined Shea Butter (Fairtrade), Wheat Germ Oil, Jamaican Castor Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, EVCP Olive Oil, EVCP Coconut Oil, Vitamin A, D, E, Rice Bran Oil, Keratin Protein, Olive Leaf, Sage, Burdock, Nettle, MSM, Panthenol, Biotin, Proprietary Blend of Herbs, Rosemary, Lavender, Tea Tree Oil, Gluconolactone & Sodium Benzoate


Customer Reviews

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Your Hair Will Be Blessed

I've been looking for a hair mask without any harmful ingredients, just things from nature. This makes the cut and does an excellent job of infusing a big boost of moisture to the hair. You can't go wrong, this will restore your dry hair.

Inès Ngale
The product I never knew I needed!

There came a certain time where I was just tired of my natural hair and seeing how much work it takes to take care of it. But, when I took that resolution to take the time to care for it, I immediately thought of En'Tyce since I have heard of them before. Well, I would like to say that this product in particular changed my hair for the better!!

It was always so dry and brittle, no matter which brand I used to the point where I lost hope. Fast forward on the website, as I was looking up for a deep conditioning product, I found this treatment. Then, I saw the ingredients and I was impressed by how natural they all are and IMMEDIATELY, I put it in my cart (along with the other products that work fantastic!)

- A little side note, the customer service was on point!! Deb made sure that I would get my products on time despite how late the post services were! She is also ALWAYS available whenever I have questions concerning how to use the products and is always happy to help!

As she guided me to use the collection of her products, starting with this deep hydrating repair treatment, I felt that I didn't even need to shampoo or to condition after this, as this also works as a co-wash (but I was tempted to use them anyways). Since a very long time, my hair felt so soft and HYDRATED!! I finally saw my hair in its full potential thanks to these natural products!!

I totally recommend using the whole collection (Deep hydrating treatment, Shampoo, conditioner, serum, beverage and pudding), as you will have your hair soft for DAYS if you're a lazy natural like me!

Thank you so much Deb for putting up this brand and making these products with so much love! It definitely reflects when I see great results on my hair!

Suzette Smith
My new deep conditioning treatment

I applied heat and deep conditioned my hair for 45 minutes. Helps to strengthen my weak hair strands.

Sonia Bonnick
I made a “boo,boo!” 🤣🤣

I thought it was to leave in as a “leave in” condition. Hey, my hair feels soft and light. Luckily it’s all natural! I have no regrets because my hair is loving it, without washing it out. Next time I will follow the instructions! 🤣

Natasha Paul

Without a doubt my favourite product from this line (so far). I’ve made it a mission to treat my hair weekly and this has made a huge difference. I’m so in love with this treatment. It’s in my top two. This should be apart of your regimen if you suffer from dry hair. My hair feels so hydrated after each treatment.

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60 reviews
Proof is in the pudding

Entyce Afro Curls is my favourite hair product so far. I like to call it hair food :-). This hair remedy of pudding-like consistency is something between gel and paste. It defines curls, moisturizes (essentially ‘feeds with natural ingredients) leaving hair looking healthy and enriched. Anyone with curly, frizzy or dense hair looking for a reasonably priced wonder product should give this a try. I usually order 3 at a time and that lasts for months. It usually ships within 10 days so be sure to order more when you are down to one. This product rocks.

Very moisturizing

A little goes a long way !
Very moisturizing
I needed it for my dry scalp , during the colder weather , and it is helping. Very good customer service too :)

Seems to be working

The balm melts when you touch it which makes it easy to apply and the texture allows the product to stay exactly where you put it. Because of the rich, nourishing oils, the product stays on the scalp for days (until you wash it out) which means you get a lot out of each application. I thought the jar was small, but a little goes a long way.

The ingredient list is impressive!

The scent is quite spicy but it helps with dryness and scalp itching so it doesn’t bother me. I’ve already noticed that my hair appears a bit fuller in areas of concern.

I’ve been looking for a product with DHT blockers and this one seems to be working. I hope it continues to do so.

Cream works well. It leave the skin soft, bright and feeling moisturized. Time will tell the efficacy of the cream with regards to wrinkles and lines. I like the fact that it is all natural.


I like the fact that it works when face is slightly damp.My face can take quite a while to dry.

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