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Vita Afro Pudding </br> Dry Scalp Treatment - En'tyce Your Beauty
Vita Afro Pudding </br> Dry Scalp Treatment - En'tyce Your Beauty
Vita Afro Pudding </br> Dry Scalp Treatment - En'tyce Your Beauty
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Vita Afro Pudding
Dry Scalp Treatment

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If you are searching how to make hair grow faster, Entyce Your Beauty offers you natural hair growth products. En’tyce Vita Afro Pudding will keep your Natural hair healthy, soft, hydrated and manageable. For healthy, moist, manageable glowing hair that pops, stands up and gets noticed. Our Vitamin enriched moisturizer is the needed addition for your Natural tress. Great for virgin hair and virgin hair styles, of all ages. The only product you will need to tighten your locs without weighting it down. Essential for twist and braid out styles.


Apply to clean towel squeezed hair, after applying En’tyce Daily Moisturizing Serum and spritzing with Vita Afro Beverage for best results. Rub a quarter size amount of Vita Afro Pudding between hands and distribute over hair. For twist out and braids apply small amount to fingers and apply to each section of hair. Fluff, pick, finger comb or brush out with a paddle brush. Allow to dry naturally or twists or braid while hair is damp and allow to dry. Your hair will thank you for it, Vitamin, botanical herbs, and hair quenching natural oil will make combing an ease. Also great for touchups between washes. Enjoy soft, smooth and manageable hair in wonderfully healthy condition. Enjoy!!


100% Pure Shea Butter, EV Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Glycerine, Black Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Burdock, Horsetail, Proprietary Blend of Herbs, Natural and Essential Oils, MSM, Biotin


Customer Reviews

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Texture Is Like Butter

Really enjoying using this pudding. The texture is like butter which just melts into my hair and makes it soft and feels nourished! It's not heavy and a little goes a long way. I love that the ingredients are the cleanest you can get and it must have took lots of effort to perfect this formula full of great ingredients. Using a number of En'tyce products as part of my hair regimen is keeping my hair moisturized for longer lengths of time, which is great for a low maintenance type 4 natural hair girl such as myself. 5/5 recommend this product.

Sonia Bonnick
I love anything from plants

I love anything from plants. I love how it moisturized my hair in no time, after washing it. Usually my hair is dry and stiff, with other products, after wash....not this product. My hair is even surprisingly silky and soft! I’m so happy to support this business that’s making beautiful and honest products! Thank you!

Natasha Paul

So far it’s helped a lot. After cleansing and treating my hair, I just parted and put it on my scalp. It soothed it and I haven’t had much issues with itching. My scalp is pretty itchy naturally and it hasn’t been bothering me as much. Plus I love that it’s all natural ingredients!! <3


I notice a difference in my son's hair. Works well!


I got lucky that they had this product in store so I could just grab it quickly. I used it to help with re twisting my locs just by doing the palm roll method. I have never done a better job at giving myself a fresh retwist. The product isn't heavy at all. My scalp thanked me, and especially since the winter has my locs dry, this product came clutch. It's worth every penny especially cause a little goes a long way!

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Proof is in the pudding

Entyce Afro Curls is my favourite hair product so far. I like to call it hair food :-). This hair remedy of pudding-like consistency is something between gel and paste. It defines curls, moisturizes (essentially ‘feeds with natural ingredients) leaving hair looking healthy and enriched. Anyone with curly, frizzy or dense hair looking for a reasonably priced wonder product should give this a try. I usually order 3 at a time and that lasts for months. It usually ships within 10 days so be sure to order more when you are down to one. This product rocks.

Very moisturizing

A little goes a long way !
Very moisturizing
I needed it for my dry scalp , during the colder weather , and it is helping. Very good customer service too :)

Seems to be working

The balm melts when you touch it which makes it easy to apply and the texture allows the product to stay exactly where you put it. Because of the rich, nourishing oils, the product stays on the scalp for days (until you wash it out) which means you get a lot out of each application. I thought the jar was small, but a little goes a long way.

The ingredient list is impressive!

The scent is quite spicy but it helps with dryness and scalp itching so it doesn’t bother me. I’ve already noticed that my hair appears a bit fuller in areas of concern.

I’ve been looking for a product with DHT blockers and this one seems to be working. I hope it continues to do so.

Cream works well. It leave the skin soft, bright and feeling moisturized. Time will tell the efficacy of the cream with regards to wrinkles and lines. I like the fact that it is all natural.


I like the fact that it works when face is slightly damp.My face can take quite a while to dry.

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